The body is made to work.

 The amazing thing about the body is that it can and will adapt. When I give people an eating plan, they will see weight loss over a period of time…but eventually it will hit inertia. Why is that? Well, the body adapts. It will, in time, be fine on less food and become more efficient at using that food.
The body will similarly adapt to stress put on it. Physical activity forces the heart, lungs, and muscles to work hard. In time, they adapt and become stronger and faster. Our job is to keep progressing with the activity so that we continue to require more energy (food) to do the work because the execution becomes more demanding. Does this make sense? If you are wondering why that same workout you’ve been doing since that trainer wrote it out for you ten years ago is no longer doing anything, it’s because it probably isn’t doing anything anymore.
What activities do we want to be doing? Muscle building and cardiovascular endurance.
Overload is another word for strength training and this is how your body builds energy-burning muscle fibre. Best way? Get a trainer to increase the intensity and weights once a month and you do the workout two to four times a week. if your workout isn’t challenging and if you aren’t sore the next day, you aren’t building much muscle.
The other activity is heart and muscle endurance. This can be whatever you want it to be, but you must move! Get it up to about 70% of you maximum and sustain it for a minimum of 60 minutes as close to daily as you can. (220-your age is your average max. then find 70%). Bike, run, skip, swim, or walk – fast. Best to choose something we like because we want to be doing lots of it.
We want exercise to feel like work. It means we’re burning calories and building muscle.

So what do you think?