The body is a machine – Learn how it works

As people on the go, you have full schedules and overworking minds. Your days are spent running from one thing to the next, inhaling food when you are starving and snacking on whatever you can find. You spend the time on things that are for other people, for family, for financial gain. You take very little time to take care of yourselves, your precious and ever-working Calorie-Burning-Machine. Funny thing is…without this energy-producing machine you live in, you would not be able to do ANYTHING!

Starting today, take a few minutes each day to learn about your body. Take some time to read about how your liver detoxifies or how your intestines absorb food. Take some time to be interested in that which allows you to be as busy as you are and that which allows you to run around like a spinning top all day. You know from other things that you have invested time into (school, work, business ventures), that the more you care about it and the more time you spend on it, the greater the rewards. The same goes for your miraculous body.

Just like your car will take you nowhere without gas, you body functions on fuel. There is only ONE fuel that goes in. Food is the one and only fuel that your body runs on each and every day, Take the time to understand what each type of food provides to your body. Only then can you choose to eat in a way that allows you to be as busy and energetic and LEAN as possible. You live in a very picky piece of machinery. You don’t decide what is best for it- it tells YOU !

So what do you think?