Wrapping your head around weight loss

Weight loss and our brain

One of the most powerful opponents to your weight loss campaign is your own brain. No matter how healthful or desirable it IS to shed the fat that is weighing you (and your life) down, your mind will tell you otherwise. There is a psychological component to weight loss that can not be overlooked. Ignoring it won’t work. Facing it head-on WILL. No matter how well you comprehend the science of food and the body, no matter how much you want to drop the weight, your brain will fight you. So, sit it down and set it straight.
Losing weight – especially losing a fair amount of weight – can be a terrifying undertaking for people. You feel it is doomed from the start. Another diet tried and tossed aside. Back to square one again. Eventually the fear of failing at losing weight is more powerful than the desire to change. Earlier this week, I had an enlightening conversation with a woman I have been working with for some time. She spoke to me about the fear that surrounds losing weight – the fear of eating very little, of depriving herself, the fear of starving. Subconsciously, it was a fear that she would feel “without”, of being “at a loss”, or that it was somehow “harmful” to deprive her body of food. Intertwined with these raw human feelings, was the real worry – of not succeeding in achieving this goal…once again. The brain wants to run away from what it has not done “well” at. It doesn’t want to experience failure, again. A proud – and frozen – perfectionist.
So, we looked at it from another perspective. The brain doesn’t want to fail – which is silly, but it’s fine. The real fact of the matter is that you WANT to lose weight. And not only that. You take immense pride in taking care of yourself, your health, your life. So, let’s give that brain a better attitude about what weight loss really is. It’s a DARN GOOD thing for you.
And another thing for perfectionists (I’m one). Learn what to do and then STEP ASIDE. The chemical reactions that happen in the body when you TRANSFORM your storage into energy (rather than your food) is NOT something YOU have to be responsible for. It happens on it’s own. Your cells will USE your fat stores as fuel – readily and gratefully. Like my chocolate labrador, the body’s cells are content with ANY source of nourishment. Even if it’s been sitting in storage for awhile. Your job is to simply believe in the process, recognize WHY you are choosing to change your eating, and then live each day with a lot less food and a lot more vigour.
The brain is afraid of failing. Fair enough. But once you’re done listening to it, talk it down, and then get on your way. As the expression goes…..


So what do you think?