Protein keeps you lean

Protein stabilizes your blood sugar levels, meaning that the carbohydrates you eat will enter the bloodstream more slowly when eaten with higher protein foods. For example, cottage cheese with fruit will slow the rate at which the fruit enters your bloodstream. This is a VERY important thing to remember with regards to insulin sensitivity and weight loss. Protein will help with weight loss and the steady calorie burning that will ensure that food is not unnecessarily being stored.

Protein is important for building and repairing your body’s cells. Every single day you need protein to maintain your skin, muscles, tissues, organs, hair, and nails. Without protein, muscle would waste, tissues would not maintain and repair themselves, your hair and skin would get dry and lifeless, and your energy would be low.

Protein is very important for keeping your energy levels high and stable and for increasing your metabolic rate (the amount of food you burn as fuel in a day). You NEED to eat protein at every meal. It is important that you know what constitutes a protein and how much you need at a meal. If your diet is lacking in protein, you will experience weight gain, feel tired, have difficulty focusing, and be moody with the ups and downs on your brain’s fuel supply.

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