What you didn’t know about cholesterol

Let’s get the facts Straight about Cholesterol

The drug industry has us eating out of their palms and living in fear of the risks of eating cholesterol. The diet that people have embraced as one that is low in cholesterol is a high grain, low fat diet that only serves to encourage more cholesterol production in the body. You may not be aware of the fact that the worst thing for clogged arteries and heart disease is a high intake of glucose foods. If you understand how your liver makes triglycerides and cholesterol from glucose, you would not be so fearful of eating 2 eggs and a little more wary of that big bowl of glucose you have first thing in the morning.

In my experience, there are two very common misunderstandings- the first is that high cholesterol comes from the cholesterol in foods people are eating. This is only true for people who eat high amounts of fatty dairy (cheese, cream, butter) and high amounts of red meat (burgers, steaks). The problem with these are just as much the content of saturated (artery clogging-fat) as it is the amount of actual cholesterol IN the foods.

The second misunderstanding people have is that bread, pasta, cereal, juice, sweetened yogurt, and alcohol are carbohydrates and therefore DO NOT contribute to overall cholesterol levels in the blood. They do. Plain and simple, most people have high cholesterol (unhealthy cholesterol) and high triglycerides (fat in the blood) due to an excessive intake of supposedly healthy “carbohydrates” that are throwing blood sugar out of whack, and hence, releasing insulin and being stored in the body as fat. A decrease in these glucose-dense foods with a corresponding increase in healthy fats (olive oil, nuts, fish, eggs) and fibrous green leafy vegetables will keep your cholesterol and triglyceride levels low, while high in the heart healthy HDLs. Statins are one of the biggest selling drugs. The fact is that you CAN control your cholesterol through the way of eating I mentioned above. The other fact is that you need to MOVE your muscles and work your heart otherwise it gets lazy, along with the elasticity of your artery walls. Elastic, flexible blood vessel walls allow for easy movement of blood through them, hence a clot becomes very unlikely. And this is where a certain amount of healthy cholesterol (in good unsaturated fats) is important for maintaining elastic and fluid cell walls.

Take charge of your body first through what you do and do not put in it. Then, absolutely take drugs where necessary. If you can alter the health of your heart and cells, why wouldn’t you? It is hard to get past all the bull and really get the truth about the workings of the body and the effects of food. The media is a powerful thing and the drug industry needs you to need what they are selling. I encourage you to take back some of the control. Your body and your brain will change with what you eat.

So what do you think?