Weights first, then cardio

Which to do first, weights or cardio ?

The ideal order is strength training…THEN aerobic activity.

You can burn FAT during aerobic activity (cardio), but you CAN NOT burn fat during anaerobic activity (weights), and since you will ALWAYS burn whatever glucose is available in your bloodstream FIRST, you want to ensure that once that runs out, the next thing you burn is FAT..not muscle.

Whether you begin with weights OR cardio, you will always use the fuel that is most readily available. This will inevitably mean that you burn the glucose that is in your bloodstream, from the last meal you have eaten.

The longer and harder you work out, the more fuel your body burns.

Once you have depleted the immediate energy in your bloodstream, your body will turn to its next energy source to keep going. This will likely be glycogen – the glucose stored in your muscles. It is ONLY once this source of fuel has been depleted that your body will go into its fat stores (yes, the fat on your belly, bum, and hips) to keep going.

So what do you think?