Understanding PH in the body – Why you need greens

Seaweed Salad with Extra Greens
There is one area of your life, in particular, where balance is essential yet it is not well known or often overlooked, and that is with regards to your body’s internal environment. PH-balance exists within the body and is crucial to life. There is an ongoing battle between acid and alkaline, and the delicate balance of the two (PH-balance) is absolutely necessary for everything that happens in the body – digestion, repair, energy production, growth, and mental activities. For cells, tissues, and organs to perform their specific functions, they require a particular PH-balance.
All too often, due mainly to diet and stress, this balance does not exist as it should. As a result, you experience a multitude of conditions, mainly caused by excess acidity in the body. When your internal environment is in a state of Acidosis (excess acidity), you will experience inflammation, weight gain, illness, pain, and various mental imbalances. MOST PEOPLE ARE IN AN ACIDIC STATE.

Acidosis – Why Does It Happen?

There are three main causes of acidosis – diet, hydration, and stress. Of the three, diet is the primary cause, and consequently, important to assess in eliminating acidosis. Proper hydration is crucial to every chemical reaction that occurs within the body, and is especially important for enzymatic functioning. Stress itself creates an acidic environment within the body and also leads to shallow breathing and the accumulation of carbon dioxide (acid) in the body. Finding ways to manage and reduce stress is crucial to preventing acidosis.
With regards to diet and acids, the main components of our modern North American diet are all acid- forming foods. Refined carbohydrates, protein, grains, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol are extremely acidic in nature. In combination with stress and improper breathing, it is no wonder we suffer from Acidosis and its negative effects. If the diet is properly balanced with high amounts of alkaline foods, it is possible to maintain a balanced PH. Alkaline forming foods include all vegetables (except tomatoes and eggplant) – dark green vegetables in particular, fruit (best when ripened on the vine and locally grown), almonds, potatoes, and seaweed. Unfortunately, many of us have an excess consumption of acidic foods and an insufficient intake of vegetables and fresh fruit.
As acids continue to accumulate, the body is forced to use its stored alkaline minerals to neutralize all the excess acids so they may be eliminated in the body’s efforts to keep itself in homeostatic balance. These minerals are found in our bones, teeth, fingernails, skin, and gums, which will all become depleted in the minerals of which they are comprised. Osteoporosis is a well-known disease that occurs when calcium is leached from the bones, weakening them.

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