Trans fats are not the real culprit

The US Food and Drug Administration recently announced it was proposing to ban trans fats – to save lives and prevent heart attacks. In 2009, the Canadian government asked the food industry to lower the trans fats to 2% of total fat. Ironically, almost every food product that contains these horrific fats also contains processed carbohydrates. Of the 23 foods listed as harmful, 22 have refined wheat or corn and added sugar as their first ingredients.

Shhhhh! Don’t tell people that the food ITSELF is the problem. Just get them to eat MORE of it by telling them that they are eating wonderfully, and that trans-fats are the culprit. If we modify them slightly the nation’s health will soar. Or is it that sales will soar?

On the list of harmful fat foods is bread sticks, cake mix, cookies, crackers, muffins, frozen meals, pancake mix, pastries, pie crust, and yes, even cereals. Strangely, there is no mention of the processed and concentrated carbohydrates in all of these foods. Why not? With obesity and diabetes being two of the primary causes of disease, why don’t we acknowledge the real problem – refined carbohydrates.

The real solution?

Cut out the shitty foods themselves, rather than reducing the fat from foods that are harmful even WITHOUT the trans fats. As if people need to be further confused about their health. The truth of the matter is that until we all take off our tainted glasses, the food industry – and whoever’s research it funds  – will continue to feed us whatever we’ll swallow.

The foods that pull in massive profits, ironically, are usually NOT the ones that serve your health. Think about this the next time you walk down the mile-long cereal aisle. There are more honest, sugar-free ways to get your fibre.

So what do you think?