Start walking. Stop waiting

You can spend an entire lifetime wishing for more time, and then wasting the precious time you DO have fretting, feeding, and finding excuses for why you aren’t exercising. Part of the problem is that people undermine the value of the simplest activity that fits easily into any day – WALKING. Not only can you walk to and from work if you live in Toronto (or part way, anyway), you might actually get there in LESS time than waiting for that third crowded subway in the middle of rush hour. We put too much weight on “exercise” as being something that has to take place in a gym or in stretchy work-out wear rather than just MOVING. If everyone who lived within an hour of work walked ONE way, (even half of one way), the nation’s overall health – not to mention weight and stress management – would dramatically improve.
It’s a shame that something as enjoyable as walking, wandering, strutting, strolling, meandering, adventuring…whatever you want to call it – is so overlooked as an easy way to stay lean and live long. Especially when it’s FREE. Alas, people prefer to pay for un-used gym memberships, eat out of frustration, and feel sluggish and stressed from inactivity. Ready for a change?

So what do you think?