So How MUCH Fat Should you Eat? NOT handfuls of nuts.

Fat is more calorie-dense than protein and carbohydrates.But it will do your blood sugar and hormones a great deed. It has 9 calories per gram while both protein and fat have 4 calories per gram. You WANT it at all your meals, but keep in mind that the calories DO add up quickly.
A tablespoon of olive oil is what you want to add to your vegetables at lunch and dinner. That equates to about 12 to 15 grams. 1/3 avocado provides that same amount and is a great complement to fruit and eggs at breakfast. At every meal, ensure that you are having a serving of healthy fat and have fat at one snack as well, the best choice being 1/4  cup nuts. You can also add 3 tbsp ground flax seeds to a shake or a couple tablespoons cottage cheese or plain Greek yogurt.
I will mention again that if you are looking for weightloss, better energy levels, or simply doing the right thing, cut down on your grains and increase your healthy fats. The proof is in the science, not food marketting.

So what do you think?