Pop a pill for perfect health

“Too often, medical guidelines for physicians are written by researchers who receive some form of compensation from pharmaceutical companies,” says Alan Cassels, a pharmaceutical policy researcher at the University of Victoria.

It’s bad enough that the drug companies and scientists are lying in the same bed, but it is scary when doctors also crawl under the covers. In a culture where the doctors orders are abided to as bible, AND where an individual’s life is the hot potato being tossed about, is there not a responsibility resting on everyone’s shoulders – drug companies, researchers, and physicians alike?

Apparently not. Profit is the sought after end-result. The determinant of success is not whether the drug is helpful or neccessary, but rather, how much it profits.

Let’s look at Statins, as one example. The world’s most prescribed drug, statins are promoted as “preventative”, as a way to lower the risks associated with high cholesterol. It is a known fact that cholesterol levels IMMEDIATELY drop with a reduction in carbohydrates and unhealthy saturated and trans-fats. Weight loss actually has the greatest influence on reducing LDL and overall cholesterol levels.

Of course, it’s understandable that we are so terrified of cholesterol. It has been drilled into our heads, the same way that “high carbohydrate, low-fat” was forced into our brains, leading us to the growing diabetes and obesity epidemics we now suffer from as a society. As Adriana Barton writes in the Globe and Mail last week, “Statins have been prescribed to people as a common drug, with side effects ranging from cognitive problems, muscle pain, and increased risk of diabetes. Really? Eating changes only EVER lead to positive changes in all these areas.

Alas, until we start understanding what is really going on in the body, we will continue to feed drug companies’ plump wallets as they keep us plump and popping pills.

So what do you think?