Kirsten Bedard – Personal Trainer in Toronto

free-weightsIn-Home Personal Trainer

With over twenty years experience as a personal trainer and exercise coach, I work with clients in their homes or office gyms. Based on your current physical fitness level, age and specific goals, I will design a program suited to your space.

Areas of specialty – strength training with dumbbells and kettle bells, yoga and pilates, dynamic and assisted stretching, core stability and transverse activation.

Running & Cycling Coach

Have you run a dozen marathons and want to shave 10 minutes off your time? Are you new into cycling and looking to become stronger on hills? From weekend warriors to competitive triathletes, I work with a range of athletes to improve power, speed, and endurance, combining sport-specific training with nutrition strategies for pre, during, and post performance. It is possible to get fitter, faster, and stronger at any stage and any age.

 Personal Trainer – Older Adults

I also provide in-home exercise training catered to older adults and individuals who require additional support and assistance due to particular mental and physical conditions. Exercises link physical movement with mental focus to maintain and improve your balance, strength, flexibility, and most of all – your vigor.

My interest is in assisting you in being able to continue to perform your prefered daily activities with strength, stamina, and ease of movement.