Is Obesity a Disease?

Last month the American Medical Association labelled obesity as a disease. Is this what we have come to? Are we so unwilling to take a closer look at what we eat, how we eat, WHY we eat what we do, where we are getting our information from, what habits we are passing onto our children? It’s easier to label something as a disease, when the alternative is to educate ourselves, change our eating habits, and stop sitting around.

By taking a passive stance on the whole obesity epidemic, we are putting our lives into the hands of the pharmaceutical and drug industries. Until each of us decides that there is immense value in learning what to eat and how to eat, the problem will continue to grow, along with medical bills, clothing sizes, and food industry profits.

A Lazy Solution to a Large Problem

Is “disease” really the answer? Perhaps it will make us less responsible, but it certainly won’t make it easier for us to stand by while loved ones die of lifestyle-related diseases, or to obliging watch our children develop diabetes. Of course, we can pass over our health to the unfortunate “inheritance” of our hormones, but the truth we all know is that if we eat less (less sugar, in particular), we will feel and function much, MUCH better.

24.3% of Canadians are obese, according to a new study by the Unites Nations Food and Agricultural Association. We’ve heard this so many times now that it practically goes in one ear and out the other. Yet, these one in four people are our families, kids, close friends, partners, ourselves. It’s sad, very sad.

Example is the best way to lead. Let’s each do our part in what we purchase, prepare, and share. Passing the buck is not the answer. This, we know for sure.

So what do you think?