How much protein do we need?

While there is much debate about how much protein we need, about 20 grams at a meal is sufficuent for most of our amino acid need.

Each of the following is 20 grams protein:

o ¾ cup cottage cheese
o 3 eggs (only eat 2 yolks)
o ½ cup egg whites
o 1 chicken breast
o ½ can tuna
o ½ can salmon
o 1 can sardines
o 1 palm size of fish (salmon, cod, halibut)
o 1 small palm size of lean steak
o 1 scoop whey protein powder *** (excellent quality)
o ¾ cup tofu
o 1 veggie burger (read the label to ensure there is enough)
o 4 slices (50 grams) turkey breast (no hormones/organic)

So what do you think?