“Healthy” won’t take off the weight.

Eating a “healthy” diet doesn’t take off weight. Operating your body on a deficit is how weight comes off. “Sensible” eating will indeed help KEEP the weight off, but you have to get there first. Chomping down on hoards of healthy food is not the answer.

Empty the stockroom.

You lose weight by emptying your stock room – your fat stores. This only happens if you minimize calories and carbohydrates from food.

Lets compare grains to vegetables. Unlike grains, vegetables are low in calories and carbohydrates and will stabilize blood sugar, while the body gets it’s needed fuel from storage. Water and fibre-dense, vegetables create satisfying meals that satiate and allow for weight loss. want to omit grains not because they’re BAD for you, but because they’re dense in both of the things you’re trying to get from your storage room.

Healthy doesn’t take off the fat.

Weight loss is NOT synonymous with “healthy eating”. While being lean-vs-thin, strong-vs-weak, energized-vs-lethargic, indicate that you are losing weight in a “healthy” way, weight loss occurs because you are on a deficit – you are using your reserves as fuel.








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