The Good Egg

There are many valid reasons why we might want to steer clear of eggs, but they all have to do with the chicken, and not with the egg. Whoever it was that first touted the idea that cholesterol was the real villain of our increasing weight and health woes certainly did a fine job of convincing us that all problems of the heart could be pinned on one thing. Cut cholesterol and all will be well.

Margaret Wente wrote a profound article, “A big fat surprise for dietary dogma” recently, that speaks to this point quite poignantly. Cholesterol is not bad for us – in fact it is an essential component of every cell wall in the body. Unfortunately, for years, it has been wrongly convicted, but lacking the funds to hire a lawyer to clear its good name.

Here we are, twenty years later, still abiding to the unfounded principles of the low-fat conundrum. Cereal options continue to expand, along with gluten-free breads and low-fat fruit yogurt. And as all these low-cholesterol foods grow in number, our waistlines and health troubles grow in size and severity.

Perhaps we find ourselves reflecting on this predicament  – that the lower fat we eat, the fatter we seem to become. How can such a dichotomy be possible?

“What if all these good-for-us foods were in fact not-so-good-for-us?”

It has taken years – and counting – for scientists and good doctors to undo the belief that cholesterol and fat are not so bad for us after all. Heck, they might even be good for preventing – and undoing – the same problems for which we are avoiding them.

Why did we banish a breakfast of bacon and eggs, and eagerly embrace low-fat breakfast cereal and whole grain bread, without wondering about the potential impacts these foods might have on our health? Was it a lack of curiosity, a lack of time, or was it simply that contorted information – or misinformation – presented so convincingly is impossible to resist, and can so quickly become the doctrine?

Who knows.

It’s never too late to clean the slate of beloved beliefs and harmful habits. We can change our minds about what we have held to be true, and what we have been feeding ourselves for years. Eggs are as good now as they ever were.

Whatever you do, stop jacking blood sugar at breakfast with that big bowl of bran and a banana.


So what do you think?