Give your knees what they need

If you’ve ever loaded too much weight onto a shelf and watched the screws pull out of the wall, or piled too many books onto a bookcase as it sags sideways, you know that joints can only hold so much weight before they fail. The knees are no different. Your legs are designed to support your weight, and the knees are expected to bend and twist accordingly, while bearing all your weight. Which they will readily do.

It’s simple physics. If you apply too much force to a joint – more than it can handle – it won’t work. When you feel pain, pay attention to what the knees are saying, “I can’t do my work properly because you’re weighing me down here.” Of course knees are fragile to injury, and acute inflammation is natural and healthy as you heal from an injury. But if you are carrying too much weight AND suffering from sore knees, the proof is in the pudding.

Drop the Pounds, Drop the Pain

There are THREE strategies that satisfy both your weight woes and your pain problems.

1. MOVE – Why or why has walking become such an archaic notion of activity?  It is without a doubt, the one sure way to shed weight and move the knees in a natural way. Walking once a week doesn’t cut it though. You want the pain to go away, find the time for a walk, every day (i.e.. every day).

2. EAT A LOT LESS – if you take some of the weight off the joint, it will be able to move with greater efficiency. If you take some of the books you don’t need off the shelf, it will stop sagging. Take some of the junk of the shelves, tighten the screws, and it won’t collapse. You’re knees will be fine if you lighten their load.

3. EAT NON-INFLAMMATORY FOODS – If you switch to an anti-inflammatory diet you will reduce the pain and lose weight, simultaneously. Glucose (concentrated carbs) are like kindle in a fire. They will keep that flame flaring up, every time you toss another one on. Vegetables, fish, and unsaturated fats are key. Cut the cereal, crackers, milk, bread, and all refined and processed grains. Even whole grains like oats or rice deliver over 30 grams of glucose for 1/2 a cup.

Let the flame subside if you’re tired of the constant burn.


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