Don’t blow it after breakfast.

Now that you’ve decided to give up glucose for breakfast, you may be experiencing some guilt for abandoning the starving cereal makers. Fret not – since most sweets and snacks have the same ingredients as cereal, new concoctions of corn syrup and processed grains will hit the shelves in new colourful boxes, in different sections of the grocery store. Like Magic. Just don’t let if be YOU who eats those 100 calorie granola bars or “gluten-free” cookies.

But don’t expect your brain not to crave them. Initially, it will. Just continue to ignore Tinkerbell’s taunting and she will soon tire of hissing sweet temptations into your ear.

While you are running on a deficit, the way to appease your brain is to feed it a bit of fat as snacks. Contrary to the carbohydrates (as low calorie as they may be) that you may be craving, small doses of healthy fat will prevent cortisol and insulin from banishing all weight loss efforts. Eventually, your brain will learn the game. But every time you give it sugar you will once again be lured back into the carbohydrate-craving game that caused you grief in the first place. Outwit your urges, recognizing them for what they are.

Keep in mind that as you are losing weight, the last thing you want to do is shovel too much food in. Remind yourself that body fat stores WILL ONLY be burned as energy if you allow the process to happen. Yes, you DO want snacks, but just enough to prevent craving and crashing, not enough to keep your body ‘s storage untouched.

A list of my recommended snacks are:

1. Boiled eggs – If you aren’t having eggs at breakfast, they are the snack that packs the most nutrition into a portable bite. Don’t worry about the cholesterol – it is insulin and carbohydrates that have lead to your cholesterol levels. Eggs are a source of all the amino acids, lutein, fat, and iron.

2. Nuts – my only warning with nuts is to MEASURE them. As wonderfully nutritious as they are, you will never lose a pound if you are eating your days worth of fuel in a couple unconscious handfuls of nuts. 1/4 cup is 200 calories. You don’t have to eat them all, have a couple, wait. You will be surprised at how much you will eat when you aren’t paying mind to why¬†you are eating. This is not to say that food is not a delight, but keep the science of weight loss in mind now that you are starting to understand it. You can still savour food while eating less of it.

3. Dark chocolate – This is one I suggest for people as a mid-afternoon snack or after dinner treat. As long as you are buying the 70-90% stuff, you will NOT be getting a sugar rush from it. The cocoa butter is terrific for satiating and stabilizing blood sugar, while giving you that punch of chocolate you love. Two 85% Lindt squares are a mere 120 calories and 5 grams carbohydrates, so not a bad option.

4. Avocado – always one of the best unsaturated fats to keep your energy going

5. Cottage cheese – combine this protein with avocado for a perfect blend of nutrients

So what do you think?