Lighten the load on insulin

lighten the load on insulin

Insulin is a diligent employee of the body who doesn’t get enough credit these days for all of its hard work. Sure it causes weight gain, but insulin is not to blame – it’s just doing its job. Insulin has multiple responsibilities, mostly to do with finding somewhere to stash glucose so it isn’t running rampant through the body. The brain […]

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Hormones hijacking your health?

If everything you ate had the exact same pathway through the body, an Oreo cookie would be just as good a snack as a few almonds. The theory “calories in = calories out” has long been retired, but we still cling to it in hopes of being able to eat whatever we wish. After all, the food industry tells us […]

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Blood sugar begins at breakfast

Whether you are trying to lose weight, feel more energetic, or improve your performance, breakfast is where the work begins. It is both the most avoided meal and the most over-abundant meal for most people. Eating juice and cereal carbohydrate-dense breakfast can be just as detrimental to you as skipping breakfast altogether. A high carbohydrate start will lead to a […]

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