Carbohydrate = Sugar

What are Carbohydrates ?

The question should actually be – What AREN’T¬†they ?? Every piece of fruit, glass of juice, slice of bread, glass of milk, bowl of rice, bowl of cereal, container of yogurt, can of beans, cracker, cookie, granola bar, and vegetable you eat breaks down into sugar in your bloodstream. Read that sentence again!

All carbohydrates are made up of glucose, fructose, and galactose. These individual sugars (monosaccharides). No matter what pretty, disguised form those carbs come in, once inside the body, they are ALL broken down into their simple sugars through metabolism.

Most of the foods you eat are carbohydrates, and I will be bold enough to guarantee that you are having too many carbohydrates in proportion to the amounts of protein and healthy fats you eat. Fruit, vegetables, grains, sweets, snacks, cereals, breads, beans, and dairy all contain carbohydrates.

The ONLY food that triggers high blood sugar and resulting weight gain and fat storage are carbohydrates. The smartest change you can make to benefit your body and brain is to reduce your carbohydrate consumption and increase your healthy fat and lean protein intake. Trust me on this. Almost ALL weight issues and cholesterol problems, as well as inability to focus and low moods are due to a high carbohydrate intake.

You DO need carbohydrates, lets get this straight. Your brain prefers carbohydrates as its prime source of fuel. HOWEVER- and this is what people do not realize- when you have too much sugar (in all its forms), entering the blood, you DO NOT USE IT AS FUEL. Instead, YOU STORE IT AS FAT. What a useless way of eating.

Health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, inflammation and pain, and insulin resistance are ALL linked to excessive carbohydrate consumption. And yes, this includes high amounts of whole grains. Tiredness, inability to focus, and weight gain are more common symptoms of diets that are high in carbohydrates (ie-sugar) and not balanced with adequate protein and fat.

So what do you think?