Kirsten Bedard – Weight loss in Toronto

IMG_5754Are you tired of chasing your tail with weight loss? Do you feel like you spend much time and energy following diets and exercise regimes only to end up back where you started? You’re not alone.

If you’re ready to maximize your time, lose the weight, and permanently improve both your physical and mental health, call me. I work with clients to ensure weight loss is simple and strategic. My no-nonsense, science-based approach integrates the science of food and exercise with the intricate workings of the brain and endocrine system.

Carbohydrates, weight loss, and the brain

We begin with a thorough, comprehensive discussion of the complex nature of carbohydrates. The impact glucose has on blood sugar and the brain profoundly affects every aspect of our weight and wellbeing. The brain is the boss of burning and storing calories. Aside from weight loss, it is important to clearly understand the dynamic relationship between carbohydrates and the brain in order to live with ongoing vigor and vitality. This is the crux of my work.

Personal trainer and exercise coach

I train individuals, athletes, and corporations at their homes and offices, designing specific, effective and time-efficient exercise programs for results. Strength training is essential to losing weight, boosting metabolism, and enhancing performance – from tennis to triathlons.

If you’re ready, let’s get started. Kirsten (416) 859-8623.